Seeing Is Believing

Poor landscaping choices and neglected maintenance send the wrong message about your property.  With some love and care, deserted street tree beds suddenly become a building focal point; an overgrown rooftop turns into a hub for employee engagement and activity.   A desolate building entrance easily transforms into an eye-catching display for all who pass by.  When people think of landscape redesigns they usually think big budgets and large time frames, and that’s not always the case.  This is where bringing in a professional company pays off big time.  Here are some simple steps to help realize the full potential of your interior and exterior landscaping.

  1. Can you work with what you’ve got? An expert will be able to tell you (honestly) if your existing plants or flowers are salvageable or truly need replacement, or if a redesign or total overhaul is in order.  Perhaps interior installations weren’t placed in optimum lighting conditions, or your exterior flowers are just being underwatered.  A good landscape contractor shouldn’t be trying to push new work on you; they should do a thorough evaluation of your existing layout, materials and containers and present you with all your options.


  1. Sometimes a good clean up makes a world of difference. Like anything, consistent maintenance and cleaning is crucial for protecting your landscape investment.  Having a professional come in to weed, prune and mulch can turn an overgrown, unkept space into a fresh highlight of a property.


  1. Digital imaging can show you what a redesign will accomplish before a project begins. Professional landscape companies should be able to provide you with digital images of your redesigned space, showing your flower and plant selections, colors and placement before you commit any resources to the project.  These images are an incredible tool for planning and budgeting and allow for changes to be made before a project begins.

Here at Superior Plantings, transformation work is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do.  Take a look at some of our great before and after photos under the Transitions section on our website, .  We are always available to facilitate a walk through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can contact us at 240-531-2066 or

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