March 19th is the first day of Spring. Is your property ready?

Winter is an easy time to forget about your landscaping – especially if you don’t have a year-round maintenance contract with your landscape vendor.  Now is a critical time to prepare your property for the transition of seasons.  Here are a few tips to ensure your property looks its bests when warmer weather arrives.

Prune now for healthy trees all year long

Take advantage of the dormant season to trim branches on your trees and plants.  This helps in removing dead branches that were damaged during any winter storms and offers your property a neat, clean appearance.  Pruning forces the specimen to then use all of its energy in creating new and fruitful growth, ensuring healthy trees and plants all the way into next winter.

Check out your shrubs

This is the optimal time to thoroughly inspect shrubs on your property.  If permanent plantings, take a close look at your shrubs and evergreens to see if they sustained any permanent winter-related damage from severe temperatures, ice or road salt.  The best time to plant new shrubs or evergreens will be in very early Spring, in still cooler temperatures, when new growth starts.  This allows time for them to become established ahead of warmer months. 

Get in a good clean up

There is no quicker way to revitalize your beds, planters and containers than a good spring cleanup.  Removing decaying leaves, debris and other material makes way for the planting of new flowers when warmer weather arrives.  Providing a fresh layer of mulch not only looks great but helps protect and maintain the soil underneath to provide optimal planting conditions and helps ensure the success of your Spring flower rotation.

We are always available to facilitate a complimentary walk-through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can reach us at or 240-531-2066.  We look forward to being your partner in creating beautiful spaces!

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