Let the Pros Handle Holiday Lighting and Decor

Let the Pros Handle Holiday Lighting and Decor

Sometimes a can-do attitude is the right way to approach a project.  Sometimes letting the professionals step in and take control is the answer.  Avoid these common mistakes by hiring a qualified, professional company to design, install and manage your holiday décor program.

Overthinking your Design

Elaborate, intricate designs are great – until they’ve eaten up all your budget, baffled your staff on how to install and don’t live up to the expectation you’ve set in your mind.  Balancing impactful, yet tasteful design is the number one thing a professional company can assist with.  Their experienced design team takes a comprehensive look at your space (and your budget) and will come up with a theme that is aesthetically pleasing while also taking into consideration operational requirements such as building access points, electrical outlet availability and visibility of your design to staff, tenants, clients and customers.

Not Planning Ahead

It’s hard to start thinking about holiday design in summertime.  Letting a team of dedicated professionals handle your holiday program ensures you don’t have to.  A top-notch company is attending tradeshows, spotting new and emerging trends, and placing orders year-round, thinking about your installation date way in advance.  The best commercial lighting and décor can be sold out as soon as Spring.  This may catch property managers off guard who must settle for options that aren’t their first choice, or absorb rush shipping charges to get items they want.

Taking Safety into Consideration

Hanging up lights and putting up a wreath in your home is one thing.  Lighting exterior trees and installing a 20-foot Christmas tree in an office lobby is another.  A qualified holiday décor company not only has experienced, qualified staff that are trained in large-scale installations, they will also have all the necessary equipment to seamlessly execute your vision.  As always, ensure your contractors are licensed and insured to protect you, the customer, in the event something doesn’t go as planned.

Superior Plantings loves transforming spaces for the holidays!  Everything from Poinsettias and centerpieces to themed displays to large-scale tree and wreath installations, we’re the perfect partner for holiday décor.  We are always available to facilitate a walk-through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can reach us at 240-531-2066 or sales@superiorplantings.com.

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