How’s Your Curb Appeal?

1/10th of a second.  That’s all it takes to form a first impression.  We’ve been busy installing beautiful Spring flowers in street tree beds and planters all around town ensuring our client’s spaces are being noticed for all the right reasons.  We love seeing how something as simple as a clean row of bright yellow pansies can transform and brighten planter beds and outdoor containers.  Don’t offer the wrong impression by neglecting your landscaping.  We offer a range of services from clean up, mulching and pruning to new container selections or a complete re-design.  Your landscaping is a living thing and we are here to nurture and maintain it so your exterior spaces are always sending the right message.  Take a moment to view your outside spaces from another point of view.

Spring also offers the opportunity to revisit your interior flower program.  Our in-house designer creates custom orchid arrangements and succulent bowls unique to each client location.  Rotated monthly, these are an easy, elegant and affordable way to incorporate live flowers into your space.  We also offer cut flower arrangements in any size for your lobby or reception area, or on a special delivery basis for tenants.

We’re always here to help!  Have questions about what plants or flowers would compliment your space?  We’re always available to do a walk-through of your property and offer our suggestions and a free estimate.

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