Are Your Landscape Practices Sustainable?

As Earth Day approaches (Sunday, April 22) our dedication to protecting beautiful landscapes becomes more prevalent.  Not only are we experts at green roofs and living walls, we also offer our clients a full array of sustainable maintenance services.

Green roofs are a low impact development technology designed to reduce water runoff volume and reduce pollutant loads on sites.  A green roof may help qualify you for LEED certification as well as local municipality rebate and tax credit programs.  Plus, they are absolutely beautiful!

Installing living walls in interior spaces not only provides a stunning focal point for your office, plants help clean the air and help everyone breathe easier.  Humans and plants rely on each other day in and day out.  Humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  Plants take the released carbon dioxide and turn it back into oxygen.  Adding any interior plants to your space keeps your air fresh and employees, clients and tenants happy!

As part of our dedication to sustainability at all levels, our maintenance department offers a full array of organic chemical, fertilizer and waste disposal practices.  This starts by having dedicated, knowledgeable personnel on site who know your plants and site layout.  Early detection is our best defense when it comes to weed and pest control.  If an issue happens to arise we can offer an array of organic weed and pest control products as well as nonselective herbicides and environmentally preferred fertilizers.

Landscape debris is one of the easiest products to mulch or compost.  We are committed to assuring our clients that we take all necessary steps to ensure that our staff are following our rigorous protocols for mulching, composting or recycling of all landscape debris removed from their property.

As always, we are here to help!  Call or email us today to discuss your interior or exterior landscape needs.  We are always available to facilitate a walk-through of your property and offer a free estimate for our services.


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