Lighting Choices Matter

Lighting Choices Matter

One of the easiest, most elegant ways to enhance a building is the use of simple, decorative lighting.  This can range from highlighting all the trees at a property with the use of cool white light strings, to defining a roof line or other architectural feature, to using colored spotlights during the holidays.  One of the most important aspects when considering exterior lighting is quality.  Ensuring your vendor only uses the highest quality lighting products is the only way to guarantee your building’s exterior looks fantastic, without worry of inconsistent color, other light degradation, or damage.

If you are considering lighting your exterior trees, whether it be your street tree beds, or even perhaps your rooftop space, ask your vendor if they use year-round light strings.  This incredible product is designed to fit snugly around the trunk and branches and expands and contracts with the growth of the tree, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the trees or wires snapping.  They are constructed from the highest-grade materials ever to be used in decorative lighting and are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.  Because you don’t have to worry about constant replacements, you will get a consistent color match year after year.

No matter what look you are going for, from nostalgic to modern, choosing the right lights for your holiday installations really help set the mood.  The days of only using only white string lights are over.  The technology is available to light almost anything, in almost any color.  Make sure your holiday vendor is knowledgeable about all your lighting options and can provide you a lighting solution to make your building truly stand apart, both inside and out.

We are always available to facilitate a walk-through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can reach us at 240-531-2066 or  We look forward to being your partner in creating beautiful spaces!

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