Protect your landscape investment from urban critters.

We are not pest control experts, we are plant and flower experts.  That’s why it is so disheartening to see a beautiful landscape installation torn apart by rodents, sometimes resulting in a total loss of material or a partial removal of plants and flowers.  The outside of your property speaks volumes about your business.  We are here to maximize that space and help you maintain the best image possible through your exterior landscape program.  Having been involved in the commercial landscape industry in the D.C. metro area for decades, we have experienced firsthand the issues and frustrations that urban critters pose.

If we’re not a pest control company how can we help you?  By providing you with some guidelines and solutions you can use to form a cohesive plan with all your contractors and key building personnel to help preserve your landscape investment.

Superior Plantings can assist you directly by:

  • Helping design an exterior landscape plan to limit dense ground cover and exposed soil, which can provide shelter and burrowing opportunities.
  • Install galvanized steel rodent mesh in planter beds to deter activity.

Our galvanized steel mesh is cut to the exact specifications of your planter beds.  Installed about 3-4’ down, it creates a barrier around your planter and deters rodents from burrowing and digging, helping safeguard your plants and flowers.

Other strategies include:

  • Work with building maintenance personnel to regularly dispose of all litter or rubbish from the outside of your building and schedule your garbage pickup so trash does not sit outside overnight.
  • Hire a reputable, licensed rodent control company.
  • Direct any rodent complaints to the D.C. Department of Health by dialing 311 or 202-442-5955

We’re always here to help!  Call or email us today to see how we can help with your interior and exterior landscape needs.  We’re always available to facilitate a walk-through of your property and provide a free estimate of our services.

A link is provided below to:  Rodent Control Strategies for Property Managers, published by the D.C. Department of Health.


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