Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Commercial Holiday Decorations

We’ve heard it before:  “No thanks, we’ll be doing our own holiday decorating this season.”  Oh, no!  At first it seems like a no-brainer.  I’ll run to the local Target Mart and pick up some lights and ornaments.  I have several willing employees who would love nothing more than to take a day (or several) from their regular duties to hang up lights and set up a tree or display.  I’ll save the company a ton of money and everyone will love me.  Not so fast.  Commercial holiday decorating poses its own sets of challenges and complications you may not have thought about yet.

  1. Cohesive and complementary design.  Having very specific personal style and taste is great.  Decorating your commercial space they way you would decorate your home may not be so great.  Professional holiday decorators look at the space as a whole, the current design aesthetic, and goals and objectives of the holiday design program and deliver a comprehensive décor program that is tasteful, elegant, and something everyone can enjoy.
  2. Variety.  Chances are once you go and purchase your own holiday ornamentation, you’ll be enjoying those same pieces for many years to come.  Which is great, until you want a change.  We have a dedicated warehouse full of ornamentation in just about any size and color combination you could imagine.  This means providing a fresh look for your tenants, customers, clients and staff season after season.
  3. Quality.  Commercial holiday products are not the same products you find at your local big box store.  We work with specific vendors and manufacturers who produce holiday ornamentation and props that that are not only beautiful, but durable and safe for commercial applications. 
  4. Safety.  Does your worker’s compensation policy cover Bill in Accounting if he falls off a ladder hanging exterior holiday lights?  We have a team of experienced holiday production and installation team members who are familiar with all the equipment and safety requirements needed to facilitate commercial jobs of any size and scale.
  5. Value.  An experienced commercial holiday decoration company will provide a comprehensive design and décor plan, plus complete pricing, before your installation is scheduled.  Once an installation date has been selected, your dedicated team will arrive, unpack, and install your décor (most of the time no one even knows we’re there).  After you’ve enjoyed your décor, your team will come pick everything up, bring back to our warehouse and store at our location.  You don’t have to worry about a thing!

We are always available to facilitate a complimentary walk-though of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can reach us at or 240-531-2066.  We look forward to being your partner in creating beautiful spaces!

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