Attract and Retain Tenants with Quality Landscaping

Attracting and retaining quality tenants is a priority for all property managers.  Determining how your landscaping strategy can assist you with that goal is crucial.  Studies show there is a direct relationship between a robust exterior and interior landscaping plan and tenant retention rates.  The investment in beautiful exteriors, courtyards and terraces, along with office plants, fresh flowers or even living green walls, is minimal when you look at the type of tenants these enhancements attract.

Here are three ways landscaping attracts, and keeps, tenants in your buildings.

Beautiful Spaces Draw People In

Everyone loves color.  Incorporating exterior flower rotations that bloom with the change of the seasons is a simple way to keep your property attractive throughout the year.  Bright Pansies signal the end of winter and transition into spring, lush tropical plants segue into summer and jewel-tone mums set the stage for fall.  Inside your building, fresh cut flower arrangements or orchids greet visitors and tenants alike, while plants and trees create a happy, healthy environment in lobby areas, shared spaces and tenant suites.

Immediate Return on Investment

It has been estimated that no other property enhancement pays back like quality landscaping.  On average, landscaping returns are 109% for every dollar spent.  Tenants like to know that the property they are leasing is constantly being maintained and improved.  The competition to present value, both perceived and actual, is stiff and tenants expect the property to reflect the money they are putting into it.  Hiring a qualified and dedicated landscape contractor is an easy way for your tenants to see you have a committed plan for the overall aesthetic of your property.

Boost Your Building’s Sustainability

Today’s tenants want to rent in healthy and sustainable spaces.  Show prospective and current tenants that you’re committed to sustainability by making irrigation improvements for water conservation, incorporate native plant species to help soil retention, or add a green roof to help insulate your building and help with water runoff.  Inside, show people you care about air quality by installing a naturally air purifying living green wall.  Incorporate interior tropical plants to help absorb sound.  Best of all, indoor plants have been shown to reduce energy bills by naturally providing insulation.

We are always available to facilitate a walk-through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  You can reach us at 240-531-2066 or  We look forward to becoming your partner in creating beautiful spaces! 

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