Comprehensive Plant and Flower Programs Play an Important Part in Amenity Space Design

Comprehensive Plant and Flower Programs Play an Important Part in Amenity Space Design

Great amenity spaces are a key factor in attracting and retaining great tenants.  A good property management company creates value for their tenants and amenity spaces that go beyond just conference room capabilities, or a fitness center, can improve tenant retention and even demand higher prices.  As we approach a new wave of tenants (by 2030 75% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials), it’s important to look at what they perceive to be of value when you are evaluating design choices that will make your property distinctive in the marketplace.

There is a shift in design where bringing nature indoors is now a top priority.  Beautiful plants and flowers not only create a pleasing aesthetic, but numerous studies have shown that besides being phenomenal for helping with indoor air quality and sound pollution, they increase productivity, inspire creativity and improve overall office health.  Nowadays, commercial real estate tenants have high expectations for office amenities; don’t disappoint by failing to include the finishing flowering touches into your amenity space design.

Bright orchid arrangements or trendy succulent gardens become a focal point for lounge areas.  Lush indoor tropical palms humanize what once was sterile and cold conference spaces.  Green walls transform any area into a hub of activity and productivity, all the while encouraging a sense of well-being.  Promoting your rooftop area as an additional amenity space? A robust landscape design and maintenance plan can propel what once was a couple of table and chairs into a thriving part of your building – one tenants talk about, and want to be a part of.

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