Trendy Succulents Work for Every Space

Colorful.  Unique.  Low Maintenance.  These incredible plants are becoming more and more desirable as miniature gardens, combination bowls and gift plants in office buildings across our client base.  We’ve even started incorporating them into some of our incredible holiday designs and arrangements!  We always strive to bring the highest decorative value to our clients, and with the numerous varieties, sizes and colors to choose from, our designers have endless possibilities with these charming plants.

Succulents have a long history, with the first identifiable image coming from 15th century Egypt.  It is said that invasions of Syria by Thutmose III resulted in large collections of plants, all commemorated by wall drawings in temples near Luxor.  Because of their portability and water-retaining ability, succulents have long been used as medicines, religious items, dyes, and even a food source!

Once found forgotten on garden center shelves and used for filler greenery, their flexibility, stunning silhouettes and water retaining makeup have boosted them to interior landscape staples.  The millennial generation has also helped shift the interior landscape aesthetic, demanding trendy plants for their workspaces.  The United States Government annually conducts an agricultural census to identify trends and collect information about the U.S. plant industry.  In 2014 the category of Cacti and Succulents was added and grossed about $40million that year.  By 2017 sales had jumped 64%. 

Let us know how we can incorporate these fantastic and versatile plants into your interior landscape design.  You can reach us at 240-531-2066 or  We are always available to facilitate a complimentary walk-through of your space and provide a free estimate of our services.  We look forward to becoming your partner in creating beautiful spaces!   

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